Welcome to Blue Ribbon Physiotherapy. We are a multi-disciplined team and family run business specialising in servicing  aged care facilities and our rural clients. We cover locations between Kilcoy, Woodford and out to Toogoolawah…up to the Sunshine Coast (Noosa) and everywhere in between!

Our clients include mums, dads, children and retirees, workers, farmers and professionals. We treat DVA, Workcover, rehabilitation, hydrotherapy, private practice, nursing home and injured clients. We can see you for acute or chronic conditions.

We have a great team of experienced, caring professionals who include Occupational therapists, Chiropractors and Osteopaths. Currently, our principal physiotherapist is based on the Sunshine Coast only.

To help service our rural locations of Kilcoy, Woodford, Toogoolawah we have an experienced fulltime Occupational Therapist (Shradha Haria). She is experienced in providing paediatric and also mental health services, as well as home modifications, falls prevention and equipment prescription. She can work solely providing OT, or in consultation online with the principal physio and other physios providing the “hands on”  soft tissue treatments to help with most conditions. If you are unsure if we can help you manage your condition, please contact us.

Our home base clinic is located in the Kilcoy Medical Centre. We also care for the residents of many nursing homes through these areas. We also conduct on-site workplace assessments and rehabilitation.

We can help you with:

  • injuries
  • back pain
  • pregnancy support
  • chronic conditions
  • rehabilitation (accidents, strokes, surgery)
  • strengthening and core stability
  • falls prevention
  • Equipment prescription/home modification
  • Paediatric treatments -autism spectrum, Cerebral Palsy, behavioural management
  • Hand therapy
  • Mental health support
  • General fitness improvement
  • Workplace injury management and safety improvement

Each of these conditions can be managed by our experienced Occupational Therapist, who can also organise online support from physiotherapists as required.


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