Our Team

Alwyn Blayse is the principal physiotherapist and founder of Blue Ribbon Physiotherapy. He has over ten years experience in physiotherapy, with a special passion for the benefits of hydrotherapy and helping those that have not had great results elsewhere. Alwyn’s focus has always been on individualised service for every client, hence Blue Ribbon Physiotherapy’s slogan, “Where we put you first!” Alwyn is keenly involved in charity. Alwyn loves having a massage and music from the eighties.

Alwyn and Joanne

Alwyn and Joanne

Joanne Schoenwald has the pleasure of being married to Alwyn. She is also the Business Coordinator of Blue Ribbon Physiotherapy. Joanne has training in massage and holistic therapies and when she is not working in Blue Ribbon Physiotherapy she is an author of both fiction and non-fiction. (You can follow her fiction career at www.josephinemoon.com). She has a special passion for animals and their relationship to humans in a healing and therapeutic role. She also loves cheese. A bit too much.

Together, Alwyn and Joanne have a beautiful little boy who has taught them that sleep is fantastically overrated and that joy can be found in any moment of the day.

Geraldine Schoenwald: In Geraldine, Alwyn not only found an amazing mother-in-law he found what he had always been looking for–an outstanding bookkeeper! Geraldine runs her own bookkeeping business and trys to keep Alwyn organised (not always easy). Geraldine also has a special passion for animals and is interested in the healing arts. She loves technological gadgets, animals, and her three grandchildren.


One thought on “Our Team

  1. les& Kathy Cooper

    thank you for all your help and time—haven’t felt better in a long time–we will be back and recomend you to all our friends

    Les & Kathy Cooper


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